Creditors Rights

When a tenant fails to pay rent, a debtor files bankruptcy, or vanishes in the middle of the night holding collateral, the creditor is left in a state of flux. Courts are difficult to manage, a litany of contracts, laws, and regulations govern exactly what you can and cannot do.

That is when GWMC steps in to help. Our attorneys have experience with bankruptcy issues in numerous states, along with countless hours of state and federal court experience advocating for creditors and ensuring that their rights are protected and their assets secured. More important, our attorneys are familiar with the drafting and evaluation of security documents to hopefully prevent the need for the courtroom at all.

Creditors Rights Services

  • Bankruptcy representation
  • Deed of Trust Sales
  • Repelvin
  • Refinancing Assistance
  • Construction Liens
  • Collection lawsuits
  • Breach of Contract Proceedings

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