Real Estate

Real estate law is a very broad category requiring legal expertise from the purchase and sale of a single-family residence, to multifaceted commercial transactions.

The attorneys at GWMC have the expertise to handle all such transactions, and most importantly, to inform clients of what they need to know with each specific transaction involving real estate. Our attorneys can break down even the most complicated of transactions to allow our clients the ability to fully understand all that is required to protect them with respect to each situation.

Finally, in the event that a transaction ultimately leads to litigation, our attorneys are experienced in all facets of real estate litigation. Our attorneys have decades of experience in handling all areas of real estate law. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and to helping you with your real estate matters.

Real Estate Services

  • Title
  • Land Use
  • Environmental
  • Leases
  • Finance
  • Acquisition
  • Tax Considerations.

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